Geographical features

Municipality of Gabrovo is situated in the central part of Republic of Bulgaria, in the northern area of Central Stara Planina. The river Yantra passes through the city of Gabrovo. The average altitude of Gabrovo is 392 metres whereas the altitude of the surrounding elevations reaches up to 550 – 600 metres. The climate in the region is temperate continental, characterized by cold winters and relatively warm summers.

The strategic location of the town and its proximity to the geographic centre of the country and the Shipka Pass defines its significance as a transport junction. Gabrovo is 220 km from the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia, 150 km., from Plovdiv, 274 km. from Varna, 234 km. from Burgas, 153 km. from Ruse.

One of the most important road links passes through Gabrovo and it crosses Bulgaria from north to south. It is a part of trans-European transport corridor № 9 (Helsinki – St. Petersburg – Kiev – Bucharest – Ruse – Veliko Tarnovo – Gabrovo – Stara Zagora – Dimitrovgrad with diversions to Greece and Turkey)