Interesting facts

It is well known that people from Gabrovo are successful entrepreneurs. Just one proof of that statement is the fact that the first electric bulb lit up here in 1891.

Did you know Gabrovo is the place where many other things had happened for the first time? Here you are some of them:

1. The First Bulgarian Secular School, nowadays National Aprilov High School, was established in Gabrovo in January 14th 1835.
2. The first school library in Bulgaria was opened in Gabrovo in 1840
3. The first application of the sound methodology for articulation of letters was developed and started practicing in Gabrovo in 1868
4. The first school laboratory in Physics in Bulgaria was created in Gabrovo in 1872
5. The first factory producing “Elovitsa” cartridges was established in Gabrovo
6. The first tennis court and ice rink were built up in Gabrovo in 1922 in the park of Ivan Hadzhiberov
7. The first factory, which used to produce and deliver fabrics to the Royal Court – Ivan Kalpazanov’s factory was established in Gabrovo in 1882
8. The present national anthem “Mila rodino” was performed for the first time in Aprilov High School
9. The first soap factory, along with all the other 11 soap factories up to 1936
10. The first coke (fuel) and by-products factory was established in Gabrovo
11. The first shoe-lasts factory in Bulgaria was established in Gabrovo in 1918
12. The first “Red Cross” society in Bulgaria was founded in Gabrovo in November 1st 1883
13. The first modern concert hall in Bulgaria was opened in Gabrovo October 21st 1962
14. The first experimental agricultural station in Bulgaria started working in Gabrovo
15. The first weather service in Bulgaria started working in Gabrovo January 1st 1887

Gabrovo is the birthplace of many great people:
1. The first Bulgarian Prime Minister – Todor Burmov /1834-1906/
2. The first woman pilot in Bulgaria Teofana Kril
3. The first mathematician, physicist and philosopher in Bulgaria – Ivan Gyuzelev /1844 – 1916/
4. The composer of the first Bulgarian opera “Siromahkinya”, 1900 – Emanuil Manolov
5. The first educated painter in Bulgaria – Hristo Tsokev /1847-1883/
6. One of the first lady doctors in Bulgaria – Dr. Teodora /Tota/ Venkova /1855 – 1921/
7. Ran Bosilek – the famous Bulgarian author of children’s books
8. The artist who rapped the German Parliament (the Reichstag) – Christo Javacheff (1935)
9. Petar Rusev – the father of the first Brazilian woman president – Dilma Rusev
10. Mincho Minchev – the famous violin player and professor