Uzana area

Uzana аrеа is located 25 km from Gabrovo at the foot of Ispolin peak (1524 m) near the Bulgarka Nature Park and the Central Balkan National Park in the Stara Planina. It consists of large meadows surrounded by forest. The altitude varies from 1 220 to 1 350 m. The geographical center of Bulgaria is in Uzana area.


Its mountainous relief – long and steep slopes and high mount peaks provides good conditions for winter sports. There are 8 ski trails with different difficulty and many hotels, huts, and rest hoses, which make the area favorite winter resort for a lot of tourists.


There are opportunities for alternative tourism in the summer too. Uzana is a home of rare floral species included in the Red Book of Endangered Species.


More infromation:
Visitor’s centre – Uzana
tel. +359 / 898 55 85 25
tel. +359 / 885 82 52 24 - emergency