Emanuil Manolov

House of culture “Emanuil Manolov”

Emanuil Manolov

The House of culture “EmanuilManolov” is designed in neoclassic style and was built for only 5 year- from 1959 till 1964. Its architect is Karl Karlukov and the sculptural design is work of prof. IliyaIliev. Very important moment of town`s history are creatively embodied as bassreliefs and wall paintings into the interior of the building. The doors, the windows and inner staircases are decorated with rosettes made of toreutics, the lobbies are coated with pied marble and brassy chandeliers.


This magnificent building is one of Gabrovo`s landmarks and center of art and culture. There are hosted operas, symphony concert, ballet, dance, and musical shows, and also chamber, brass bands and Dixieland orchestras perform there. Hundreds of children and youngsters are part of the numerous clubs in the House of culture – children`s folklore ensemble, children musical school, nongovernment organizations, foreign language schools, dance classes, rock bands, martial arts schools and etc.


The House of Culture is situated on over 5 400 square meters and consists of 63 rehearsal halls and salons for seminars, concerts and exhibitions.

Address: 2 Timok Str., Gabrovo
Phone: (+359) 66 / 809 036
Fax: (+359) 66 / 804 591
E-mail: d.k.em.manolov_gabrovo@abv.bg