Church of Assumption

The church is a masterpiece of the Bulgarian national Revival‘s architecture.

It is situated in the center of the town with a view towards one of the most beautiful stone bridges over the Yantra river. It is build in 1865 by the famous craftsman Usta Gencho Kanev.  It was sanctified on the 26-th of October 1886. Ilarion Makariopolski was ordained a metropolitan here, in 1872.

The church is a basilica with a nave and two aisles, with two domes and each of the two aisles has four rows. The master also made the decorative ornaments of the church, which consist of embossed stone with floral and animal motives.

The iconostasis is made of linden tree for only three years and it is a magnificent example of the post liberation wood-carving. In the park near the church is situated the chapel of St. Petka Gabrovska – the spiritual patroness of Gabrovo.