Adventure Park “Nezabravka”

Adventure Park “Nezabravka” and family hotel “Nezabravka” are located in Popovtsi village, only 4 km away from the center of Gabrovo, on a hill surrounded by pine and birch woods with magnificent view towards the mountain. This place is a combination of the calmness and fresh air of the Balkan and the capability of Gabrovo`s people to have fun and practice sports activities in their spare time.


AdventurePark “Nezabravka” was inaugurated on 22th of June 2013. The Park has the ambition to become well known tourist site of national importance.


The mission of this park is to remind to the children and their elder relatives that adventures in the nature are way more fun, real and healthy comparing the time behind the computer.


Working time:
Daeily:  09:00 AM – 10:00 PM


Monday – Friday:  public transport line 15 route Chivarov bridge – Popovtsi village
Monday – Sunday: every hour – from Bus station –  Sevlievo – Gabrovo

Address: Popovtsi village
Phone: (+359) 879 353 686
GPS:  / +42°53’58.60″, +25°16’16.09″ /


Facebook: FunParkNezabravka