“Hristo Tsokev”

The art gallery “Hristo Tsokev” – Gabrovo was founded in 1962. It is named after the Gabrovian artist Hristo Tsokev, the first Bulgarian painter with professional education, graduated the Moscow’s art school.

The gallery is housed in a modern building, which answers all the modern requirements. It holds 3000 sq. m. exhibition space and has a fund of above 3200 works of art – paintings, graphics, sculptures, iconography examples and applied arts.

The main activity of the gallery is preservation and presentation of the movable cultural valuables, through organization of permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The permanent exposition in the gallery includes the works of famous painters such as Vladimir Dimitrov, Stoyan Venev, Nikola Tanev, Ivan Markvicha, David Paretz, Dechko Uzunov and many others.

Traditionally organized are spring exhibition of female artists, the day of Gabrovo exhibition, Christmas exhibition and autumn saloons.

Art gallery „Hristo Tsokev“

Phone: 066/803002
E-mail: gallery.gabrovo@gmail.com