“Orlovska 10”

The “Orlovska 10” gallery was founded in 2010 and is named after the street on which it is situated. Exhibitions, readings, discussions, lectures, shows are held in the gallery. Here well-known as well as promising young artists exhibit their works.  The gallery program’s accent is on personal encounters and talks between different artists and the audience.

The hall is a rhythmic sequence of old stone walls, wooden modules and white walls. Thanks to the big glass doors the space is lit by a natural daylight. The furniture is elegant and cosy, inviting the visitors to make themselves comfortable and admire the exhibition, read a book or magazine, have a nice chat. On the book shelves, selected titles of modern Bulgarian writers and poets are set. The mini-bar offers a cup of specially brewed tea or hot chocolate.

The gallery’s annual program is arranged by “Arteria” association – a non-profit NGO. The association is upholded by volunteering work, financing programs for culture and art and donations.

Gallery „Orlovka 10″

Phone.: 0876 560 908
E-mail: orlovska10@gmail.com