Interactive museum of industry

Traditional cultural symbols and modern technologies band together in a unique museum for Bulgaria, where history of industrial peek in Gabrovo is being revealed in highly incredible way, behind museum’s massive front doors decorated with bronze and lion heads. The Interactive museum of Industry gets its visitors involved into a great journey through time and different historical epochs, showing them exciting moments of this emblematic town’s history and it all happens by means of modern technologies and innovative approaches. Here guests are able to actually sense the history while facing unexpected challenges, in the process they can control the interaction on their own, also can go back in time to satisfy their curiosity, while traveling to passed epochs in order to meet great people and their achievements. The expositions, installations and information panels and facilities at the museum strive to comprehensively involve visitors into Gabrovo’s industrial development in the period since the second half of 19th century until modern days. The Interactive museum of Industry is situated in an old building built back in 1893 as a family house and office of the wealthy wool and yarn merchant from Gabrovo Tsanko Dobrev. In the mid-twenties of the 20th century the building was bought by Bulgarian corporative bank and until 1944 the bank’s office had been located in it. After the change of the political regime in Bulgaria in 1944 the building was nationalized by the Town People’s Council and for the short period between 1947 and 1949 was used for the purposes of Political club “Zveno”. Later the house was generally renovated and adapted as a museum building. Until 2003 in the building was situated the most important expositions of The Regional history museum of Gabrovo. In 2013 the building was repaired and behind its doors started functioning the Interactive museum of Industry which is completed by project BG161PO001-3.1.03-0028 “Integrated project for development of cultural-historical tourist product and related infrastructure”, contract for free financial help BG161PO001/3.1-03/2010/019, with the financial help of Operational program “Regional Development 2007-2013” as a part of operation 3.1 “Stable tourism development” and “Improving of tourist attractions and related  infrastructure”.