Gabrovo Zoo is established in 1973 and is located near the National Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium and the Gradishte Fortress. Today Gabrovo Zoo is situated on 5,61dka with 4,41 of them in use. It is now home of 150 animals of 40 kinds. It havers some of the representative inhabitants of The Central Balkan: fox, jackal, brock, wolf, brown bear, owl, buzzard, loir. A special place has the peculiar kind tailless cats. Amongst the exemplars there are goats and dwarf goats, peacock, green headed duck, guana, golden pheasant. 40 thousand visitors come to the zoo per year.


In 2007 the Gabrovo Zoo received a second licence by the Government for its capability of sheltering wild animals away from their natural habitat by means of raising and controlled breeding.





Address: Petkova Niva, Gabrovo
Phone: (+359) 66/808 871


Working time:

Summer season /November 1 – March 31/

Daily: 09.00 AM – 06.00 PM


Winter season /April 1 – October 31/

Daily: 09.00 AM – 09.00 PM