Climate and Nature

The climate in the region is temperate continental. Gabrovo Municipality falls within the Fore-Balkan Mountain and Low Mountain Climatic Region, recognized by cold winters and relatively warm summers. The rainfall is of a distinctly continental nature.

The specific climatic conditions in the town are determined by several factors – its location north of the Balkan Mountains and the direct influence of the slopes rising from the south. This impact is most pronounced on the rainfall, temperature and wind regime, and to a large extent on clouds and other meteorological elements. Last but not least, a significant role in the formation of microclimatic features is played by the course of the river Yantra.

Located on the northern slopes of the Central Balkan Mountains and the central Fore-Balkan, the region of Gabrovo is distinguished by beautiful scenery and favourable climate. Autumn will enchant you with the palettes that have dyed the slopes of the mountain, and spring will capture you with aromas and sounds.

The tree species on the territory of Gabrovo Municipality are mainly beech, hornbeam and oak. There are many rosehip and blackberry bushes on the meadows. During the rainy summer days in the forests of Gabrovo can be found most common species of mushrooms (boletus, girolle, parasoll mushroom, Caesar’s mushroom, milk caps, puff ball, button mushroom, etc.). The numerous rivers flowing on the territory of the city are home to barbell and mullet.