Cultural events 2024

14-17 March
International Festival of Illusion Art Magic gathering “Golden Cat”
Vazrazhdane Hall, Orlovets Sport Hall
 1 April
International Day of Humour and Jokes
Museum House of humour and satire
2-7 April
International monodrama festival “Solo Act”
Drama theatre
6 – 7 April
European days of art crafts – creative workshops
Bozhenci Museum
2-14 April
Sofia international film festival
Vazrazhdane Hall
4–6 May
St. George’s day
Regional Ethnographic Open-Air Museum Etar
18 May
International festival of humour and satire, Carnival
Central City area
 13-16 June
Book Alley
Central City area
20 June
Concert of Lubo Kirov, Nina Nikolina Kalin Veliov and Daniel Verstapen
House of culture
22-23 June
International Choir Festival “Antonio Vivaldi”
Vazrazhdane Hall
22 June
National music festival of old city songs
Dechkov’s house
24–25 June
Midsummer Day Festivities
Regional Ethnographic Open-Air Museum Etar
1-10 July
Summer theatre festival forum
Drama theatre
6-7 July
National festival for authentic folklore
Zhaltesh Village
19-21 July
Uzana Fest
Uzana area
3 – 4 August
Festival of glass “Glass tangle”
Bozhenci Museum
7-11 August
Summer Open-air cinema – Bulgarian cinema productions
Vazrazhdane Square
23 – 30 August 
International painting Plain Air
Bozhenci Museum
23-25 August
The river of the city – Youth events “Against the stream”
Central city area
7–8 September
Damson Cheese Festival 
Museum Etar
7-11 September
Chamber Music Days
Art Gallery
12-13 October
International Festival of Sacred Music
St.Trinity chirch, Art gallery
Cartoon salon 2024
Museum of humour and satire
Cinema and literature festival CINELIBRI
Vazrazhdane Hall
8 November
National Painting Triennial “Bridges”
Art Gallery
9-15 December
Christmas theatre festival
Drama theatre