Ivanilovski waterfall Eco-trail

Ivanilovski waterfall is located about 9 km from Gabrovo, in the land of the small villages (hamlets) Solari and Ivanili. The height of the waterfall is about 10 meters and forms a very nice water cascade, forming a beautiful and deep 5 meters pond in the shape of a heart. The rock of the waterfall is overgrown in soft moss, which looks like a natural green carpet. The waterfall is located on a river, which in some places forms large stone islands, and after about 300 meters it flows into the Yantra River. The walk to the waterfall is light and pleasant on a dirt road, and the waterfall can be reached by a trail. Up and down the river there are also beautiful little water cascades.

After entering the village of Solari on the main road, just before a sharp shady turn with a bridge over the ravine there is a turn to the right with signs that go down slightly to reach the beginning of the eco-trail. The route is marked with red and white strip markings and indicative arrows, and features recreation areas. After about 20 minutes from the beginning, the road enters a grove. At the end of the dirt road, which is just after the forest, where the “Forest Restaurant” is, there is a deviation to the left along a narrow path and after a short descent you can see the waterfall. The entire distance to the waterfall is covered in about 25 minutes. The way back, although slightly upwards, is again passed for the same time. The trail is light and pleasant to walk all year round. It is suitable for children and people without prior training. No special equipment is required.

    2 km.
    ca. 115 m.
    ca. 1 hour
    red strip, indicative arrows
    Fork to the right before a bridge in the village of Solari, descends to a transformer station
    The distance on an asphalt road from Gabrovo to the village of Solari is about 9 km.
    – Yantra river
    – remains of a stone watermill
    Fountain at the beginning of the eco-trail