Natural park “Bulgarka”

Natural park “Bulgarka” lies on the north slopes of the Central Balkan Range. It has been established in 2002 in order to protect and maintain the breech ecosystem, typical for Stara planina mountains, the flora, the fauna, and the culture and historical treasure of the region.

The park takes an area of 21 772 hectares and its territory falls within two municipalities –Gabrovo and Tryavna. The average attitude here is 940 m. There are museums, protected areas and natural landmarks within its boundaries:

Forests take approximately 80% of the park’s territory. There are more than 1300 plant species, 32 of them are listed in the Bulgarian Red Book. Seventy percent of the medicinal plants in Bulgaria can be found in the Natural park “Bulgarka”. There is a great variety of wildlife habitats here: golden eagle,  Eurasian  sparrowhowk, Eurasian woodcock, bear, otter, wolf, wild boar, red deer, roe deer and others.

The beautiful nature, the complex mountain terrain, the rich biodiversity combine to provide opportunities for different specialized tourism.

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