THE ASSUMPTION CHURCH in Gabrovo was built in 1865-1866 on the site of a homonymous smaller temple of 1804. One of the masterpieces of Master Gencho Kanev and architecture of the Bulgarian national revival, immovable cultural property of national importance. Consecrated on October 26, 1866 and again in December 1872 by the Metropolitian of Tarnovo Ilarion.

The iconostasis of the temple was made in 1885 by the carvers Avram P. Avramov and Nicholas V. Penkov. Icons of the church are the work of icon-painters Joanicius papa Vitanov (1794-1853), Tsonyu Simeonov, Tsanyu Zahariev, Stanislav Dospevski, Gabrovians Racho Tiholov, Nicolas Tiholov and Hristo Tsokev. Exterior frescoes of the church were painted by Gabrovian painter Racho Tiholov in 1898 and the interior by Georgi Kashev in 1922.

In the churchyard there is a chapel, erected in 2000 and consecrated on October 14 by Metropolitian of Veliko Tarnovo Gregory. It is dedicated to St. Petka, protectress of Gabrovo, patron saint of the oldest church in the settlement from XIIIc., burned in 1798. Its patronal festival is on 15th of August.