The Church of Holy Trinity in Gabrovo

The Church of Holy Trinity in Gabrovo. Built in 1804-1816 and consecrated by the Metropolitan of Tarnovo Joanicius in 1820. Ot had separate bell tower between 1870 and 1895. In the period 1880-1889, the new temple built on a project of master Gencho Novakov. It was consecrated on October 5, 1889 by the Metropolitan of Tarnovo Clement. The iconostasis of the church is assembly; the majority is the work of carver Kanyu Ivanov (1851-1919) in 1889. Icons of the church are the work of icon-painters Joanicius papa Vitanov (1794-1853), Simeon Tsonyuv, Georgi Dimitrov, Ivan Popraykov, Gavril Rilets, Gabrovians Racho Tiholov and Hristo Tsokev. The frescoes of the church were painted by the artist Hristo Apostolov from Bansko. Its patronal festival is during the Pentecost as a part of the Moveable Cycle of the ecclesiastical year.