XCO Uzana 2019 - by Iveta Dilova (6)
by Stambe (1)
by Zlatin
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Uzana is the largest ridge meadow of the Balkan Mountains, located southwest of the town of Uzana. Gabrovo at 1250 m average altitude. Its highest point is Mount Markov Stol (1352 m), but the nearby Mount Ispolin (1523 m) is actually perceived as the highest peak. It is believed that the meadow was created by man as a pasture for numerous flocks of sheep. Its name comes from the Turkish word “uzun” (long).

The Geographic Centre of Bulgaria, which was measured in 1991, is located in Uzana. The same year there was a sign marking the middle of the territory of our country – a stylized shape of a pyramid in the colours of the national flag. Since 2008 it is included in “Explore Bulgaria – 100 National Tourist Sites” under No. 19a.