The ski runs in Uzana are located on the northern slope of the Balkan Mountains with an average altitude of 1300 – 1400 meters and a maximum displacement of 256 m. Access to them is very easy, each ski run can be accessed by an asphalt road. All ski runs are equipped with surface lifts. They offer both great conditions for beginner skiers and challenging areas for the more advanced.

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  • length – 1100 m
  • webcam
  • location
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday,
    from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  • Prices:
    – all day (adults) – 35 BGN
    – all day (children up to 12 years) – 25 BGN
    – half a day, after 12:30 (adults) – 25 BGN
    – half a day, after 12:30 (children up to 12 years old) 15 BGN

“Zavoya” is Uzana’s longest ski run. It takes its name because of the U-turn on the asphalt road to which it is located. With its 1100 meters, it is marked with a red marker, which makes it of medium difficulty. The track is interesting with several different sections that alternate both in difficulty and width. It is equipped with a “bottom” lift type. It features a large and cosy teahouse.

The ski run is maintained only with natural snow from ratrack machines. It is surrounded by a rare beech forest, which provides perfect skiing conditions provided that there is enough fresh snow.


  • length – 900 m
  • webcam
  • location
  • from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Prices:
    – all day (adults) – 35 BGN
    – all day (children up to 12 years) 25 BGN

“Emar” ski run or better known as “Studentska” ski run is the second longest with its 900 meters. It is divided into 3 sections into three tracks of different difficulty: green (light) – 200 m, blue (easy) – 250 m and red (medium difficulty) – 300 m. All three are served with tow-lifts that are used with a combined pass. At the beginning of the area there is a terrain suitable for a training ground.

There is a ski road with a length of 50 meters that connects two of the ski runs. It features also a sled track with a length of 150 meters. Snow conditions are also maintained with a single snow gun


“Gorskoto” ski-run (next to the hostel “Gorski Dom”) is about 250 meters long. It has a “bottom” type surface lift. The track is divided into two – the left part is the “main” track, and the right one is the sledding area.

*The track is illuminated and allows night skiing on Friday and Saturday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Keep an eye on their page for any updates.

“Gorskoto” is also popular with the cross-country ski track nearby, where orienteers from all over Bulgaria regularly practice.


One of the best cross-country ski runs in the area is located near the hostel “Gorski dom”. The route is 2.5 km long and is carefully maintained by the Gabrovo cross-country ski team. State and Balkan championships in cross-country skiing are held there.


Most ski runs have ski rentals where you can rent snowboards or ski equipment (skis, poles and shoes), even sleds for the little ones.


Next to “Edelweiss Hotel”– 150 m;
It works with a surface lift, features a ski rental.

Opportunities for freeride (off-piste skiing) offer both the nearby peak Ispolin (1524 m) and the beech forests descending from Uzana to the town of Gabrovo.

Uzana offers good conditions for cross-country skiing and ski orienteering, thanks to the maintained certified cross-country ski and biathlon track.

If you are a snowkite lover, the meadow and slopes of Uzana are another option, given there is enough wind, of course.


There are countless options for skiingin the four directions of the world. Among the most panoramic scenery is the international tourist route E3 (Kom-Emine) – to the west in the direction of Central Balkan to Mazalat hut and Botev peak and to the east – to Shipka and the Tryavna Balkan.