Gradishte Eco-trail

The trail is located only 3 km northeast of Gabrovo and is easy to access. The route is circular, with a slight climb and passes through a cool mixed forest, reaching the fortified settlement at its highest point. There is a viewing site with a panoramic view of a large part of the Balkan, the valley of the Yantra River and the town of Gabrovo. On a clear day you can see the vertical rocks of Vitata Stena and Botev peak.

The fortress “Gradishte” is dated by archaeologists as late antique and early medieval (4th-6th century). Gabrovians call the fortress “The Keeper of the Pass” because it was erected during the Roman Empire to guard the main road through the Shipka Pass and to stop the barbarian invasions. It is a fortified settlement, typical for its time. Archaeological excavations have revealed a fortress wall with a length of about 4 km, densely built residential buildings, premises of the garrison guarding the fortress, a main entrance and three watch towers. In the highest part of the fortress is the main temple with a room for baptising, the so-called baptistery. The objects found during the archaeological excavations from the everyday life of the people – old coins, jewellery, beautiful ornaments, tableware, etc., are stored in the Regional Museum of History – Gabrovo.

    2.85 km
    113 m
    ca. 1 hour
    red strip
    The meadow under the tower
    About 5 km on an asphalt road from the central part of the city to the meadow. The road goes on ca. 3 km to the highest point of the path, where the fortress is located and the panoramic view unfolds
    – panoramic site
    – relaxation area, children’s playground, restaurant
    “Gradishte” archaeological site
    Astronomical Observatory and Planetarium
    Part of the route is shared with a downhill bike route