Gradishte fortress

One of the favorite places for recreation near Gabrovo is Gradishte. Only 3 km away from the city, the area is a large meadow with a children’s playground, two restaurants, and many recreation areas. The conditions are perfect for a nature outing and sporting outdoor activities with children and friends.

An eco-path leads to the ancient fortress of Gradishte from where the area gets its name. The fortress was a typical settlement for its time with a fortification wall about 4 km long. Archaeological excavations have found the remains of 45 buildings that have been located closely together. Today remains of the fortress wall of the fortress have been preserved, guarding the approaches of the Shipka Pass. There are remains of a church, functioning from the 4th to the 7th century, with crypt, additional chapel from the 5th century and remnants of frescoes. 200 meters east of the fortress are found traces of another church from the VI century and located east of its necropolis.

From the fortress, you can go to the TV Tower from where you can see a great panorama of the city, part of the Vitata wall, as well as Botev Peak.