Astronomical observatory and planetarium

Astronomical observatory and planetarium – Gabrovo is established in 1984 with a certain goal to maintain educational, observational and cultural functions. Its main purpose is to spread knowledge and popularize the newest improvements of cosmonautics in the educational field of “Nature sciences and ecology”.

The observatory has at its disposal an American telescope “Celestion 14”, which is installed in an observant pavilion along with a number of smaller telescopes. In bright weather there are being held observations of the sun, the moon, the planets and their secondary planets, constellations and nebulas.

In the stellar room, which has 50 seats,thestellar skyand the movement of the planets are demonstrated on a dome-shaped screen 8 m in diameter with the help of projecting device “Plsnetarium”- ZKP- 2. It exactly recreates the night sky and the movement of the planets. It catches the imagination and provokes the senses of time and space. In this enchanting setting there are lections and presentations held.

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